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Polymorphism can influence every aspect of the properties of a solid including the shelf life, dissolution rate, solubility, formulation properties and processing properties of a solid drug. A deeper understanding of polymorphism and related solid state properties would ensure an improved quality of the materials used throughout drug preparation, dosage form formulation and clinical trials. Therefore, determination of the existence of polymorphs and pseudopolymorphs, characterization of different solid state forms and their respective properties, and controlling the existing form in the resulting formulation all form part of a rapidly growing field within pharmaceutical research and industry.

Based on our extensive experiences in solid state research, we can assist with performing accurate solid state characterization, and also competent interpretation of the characterization results.

Although it is vital to explore the solid state features of the representative form, an accurate understanding of the solid form is not always straightforward. As illustrated in the figure below, the thermograms of the same form I batch measured repetitively by DSC were different. Crystallization of the other form – form II does not appear in the uppermost trace, which if not characterized properly, could possibly lead to a misunderstanding of the sample and further development failure.

Further reading: Zimmermann A, Frøstrup B, Bond AD, Journal of Crystal Growth 2012, 12, 2961-2968

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