▶ Amorphous materials
Basic Information

Preparation of amorphous

Depending on the chemical nature of each model compound, we offer service and suggestions on selecting suitable methods for ‘destroying’ crystalline into amorphous with high stability and chemical/physical purity.

Commonly utilized techniques including:

(1) From liquid phase to amorphous solid – freezing-in disorder

◆ Spraying drying

◆ Quench cooling

◆ Melt extrusion

◆ Super critical fluids

◆ Co-precipitation

(2) From crystalline solid to amorphous solid – inducing disorder

◆ Ball milling

Amorphous identification and quantification

During pharmaceutical processing for instance milling, tiny amounts of amorphicity is easy to be induced on the surface of crystalline solids which however can induce many inherent potential problems due to the metastable nature of the amorphous material. The ability for detecting and quantifying amorphous contents at extremely low levels both for single compounds and in formulation is imperative. Traditional methods for instance XRPD might not be the best option.

To support an accurate amorphous quantification, the approach we take is firstly selecting the most suitable technique, both traditional and innovative ones, for the specific amorphous material; and secondly performing proper data analytical methods for instance multivariate analysis.

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