▶ Raman analysis in aqueous environments
Basic Information

a. Effect of water on Raman spectra

One of the major advantages of Raman is that water has very weak Raman scattering. Therefore, Raman can be utilized in various aqueous formulations without the influence of the presence of water.

The suspensions were measured directly by Raman without the need of any sample preparation.

Because of the weak Raman scattering of water, the chemical composition as well as the polymorphic form of API can be easily identified by Raman.

Further reading:Sandler N et al., Pharmaceutical Technology Europe 2007, 19 (2).

b. Raman mapping in aqueous suspension

Direct chemical mapping of polymorphs in solution during crystallization, non-destructively and no influence from the solvents.

Further reading: Tian F, Qu H, Louhi-Kultanen M, Rantanen J, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2010, 99: 753-63

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